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Time Travel Portals

I got to thinking the other day, that there are still places we can go where our ancestors lived and visited. These places are like time travel portals that magically give us an extra feeling of kinship when we visit. Try it one day; it's an amazing experience.
Here are a few portals to our ancestors' lives in the 17th , 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries:
From 1666, and earlier, if you find yourself in France (as we did a few years ago), you can visit the home site of my husband’s ancestor, Mathurin Villeneuve. Twenty one year old Mathurin, a cooper by trade, emigrated to Quebec City from Sainte-Marie-de Ré, a tiny village on a tiny island on the west coast of France. The island is tropical, with wide beaches and palm trees so coming to the new world must have been quite a shock, if only for the weather. But Mathurin managed well, as he married (a 12 year old girl!), settled in Charlesbourg, Quebec and went on to father 15 children. The home he left behind in France is still t…

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